I spent most of my research time this week reading about political, economic and anti-proselytizing developments in Greece; though for the last 12 hours I was burdened for the churches. So while I am listing a few article’s web addresses of the political and economic concerns at the bottom, we will focus our prayer here on the churches.

Prayer Points:

1) This is the beginning of 2015. Lord, we ask for a better understanding of Your heart for the Balkans. Looking at the Balkans from a north/south, vertical view; the Balkans rest upon Greece. In the early centuries of Christianity Greece was a foundation stone European sit upon. Many evangelist were sent the corners of Europe, Asia and North Africa in those early centuries of the church.

2) Lord, we ask for an increase of intercession for Greece. Lord, we ask that evangelical church communities would seek You earnestly for Your presence.

3) May this be a year of Greek churches turning from tradition that creates stagnation to allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely. Lord, answer the desperate prayers with waves of freedom and joy.

4) Let us pray for the churches to be transformed. May they find their purpose in the surrounding culture and communities. Let them see their responsibility to be the place of redemptive hope for Greeks.

5) Unity of the pastors in a community is so important. Let us pray for Greek pastors to see their need for one another. Pastors in unity scares the devil more than anything because he knows transformation is then possible. I had a mental vision of pastors linking arms. When they were in unity, physical and emotional healing starts breaking out.

6) We ask for a coming forth of evangelist in Greece. May the Lord stir up a fire and passion for the lost. May they be sent to the lost sheep of Greece.

7) Lord, let the anointing fall on these evangelist. May they be fearless for the Gospel of truth.

8) Let us pray for the release of money to provide for these evangelist.

9) Let us pray for venues to open up for these evangelist to preach to thousands and thousands.

10) Let us pray for Greek churches throughout the world to have their hearts fully turned toward the country of their roots.

11) The Greeks boast about taking the Gospel to the world, but that mantel was lifted many years ago. Let us look to a day when that mantel is dusted off and returned to an exuberant Greek church.

For further intercession:
Greece dissolves parliament for January vote
SYRIZA Leader Tsipras Invites Leftist Parties, Ecologists to Join Forces
Greek Evangelist Faces Prison Time for Proselytizing

Pray for Greece (week of Jan. 5-11, 2015) originally written by Jerry Low Jan. 6, 2015