Yesterday seemed like a pretty average day in Croatia, but in fact it was quite significant. We have been working with a small team in Lika, an unreached part of Croatia. For 10 months now the team has been laboring in prayer for this region and specifically for the city of Gračac. Yesterday, for the first time, we organized a city wide outreach to connect with locals and share the love of Jesus. Many spiritual battles had to be fought just to get to this point and no doubt, many more will need to be fought but the presence of Jesus always brings transformation and that is the goal set before us. The goal: to see the city of Gračac and the region of Lika transformed by the power of His presence. There were two key things which happened yesterday. We had the opportunity to engage with several residence of Gračac who felt loved and they heard of a God who cared about their individual lives and loved them. I so look forward to following up with the ladies I connected with. The other important occurrence was the level of support we received from the Body of Christ throughout Croatia. Believers from 8 cities and even more churches, pastors and spiritual leaders from various denominations attended the event to show their support. It is wonderful to watch the level of cooperation which is developing in the Body of Christ. It is our heart to see walls of division crumbling down.


The work in a region like Lika is very pioneering. The path has to be prepared. One of our team members received Isaiah 62:10 as an explanation of what is happening and this verse seems to perfectly describe our journey:

Go through, go through the gates,

Clear the way for the people;

Build up, build up the highway,

Remove the stones, lift up a standard over the peoples.


Our hearts are filled with gratitude that the Lord is leading this vision. We celebrate what He has done and know that the best is yet to come for the people of Gračac.

 Zuzanna Low