How did Belgrade become the world’s nightlife capital?

During the ’90s, Serbia went through the roughest patch in its recent history. The break-up of Yugoslavia, civil war, UN sanctions, hyperinflation, and high unemployment made sure that the only entertainment Belgraders had back in those days was the one they created themselves. Something changed in people’s minds and – despite all the hardships of living in the capital of a nation that was falling apart – the local nightlife industry boomed, taking clubbing to an art form.

Note the following Bands to play in Belgrade night clubs or concerts:

Sólstafir is a heavy metal band from Iceland. They are to play their first concert in Belgade in December. My research showed, Solstafir’s music is dark in nature, using demonic symbols in their videos.

Raleigh Bruce & Dusty Hat in Belgrade to play in a night club – Notice the publicity announcement: Original tunes, classic rock, blues, folk and country on guitar and harmonica this Saturday night at Dylan Dog. Come, commit some sin with cheap booze, rock’n’roll and unholy people right by the sacred St. Marko’s Church!

Serbia is a troubled land and Belgrade is the heart of the country. The young adults escape their troubles through entertainment and loose living. Arts and entertainment will express the prevailing worldview of a culture. In the Secons Development Initiative Group study, it shows in general terms that young people in Serbia face strong constraints such as inefficient education, high unemployment, financial and living dependencies and a deep feeling of exclusion from politics; and yet, their individual perception of their own future and their satisfaction with life are rather optimistic. Towards Serbia`s accession process to the EU many young people in Serbia do have their reservations, but at the same time show a very pragmatic attitude to its necessity. (Secons Development Initiative Group study –

In 2008, while in Belgrade, Jerry took a picture of a bridge by chance. Upon reviewing the picture, he noticed the word “Hope” in graffiti.

Prayer Points:

  • There is a hope in the Serbian people that holds on even through hard times. Let us pray that hope will never fade in Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia.
  • Let us focus on the rising generation in Serbia. These are people the Lord yearns for. Lord, open doors for the Gospel to reach these young people.
  • The Serbian Orthodox Church has failed this generation. Let us pray for the authentic ecclesia to arise to love these young people into the Kingdom.
  • Who will weep for Belgrade? Pray for intercessors, a Belgrade house of prayer and young Serbians to be set on fire for Jesus.
  • Pray for foreign Christians who currently serve in Serbia, and for others who will come and stand with the Serbian Christians. May they together advance the Kingdom of God in Belgrade.