There was a message in my inbox last week from a young lady who said that she attended one of our city wide meetings nearly two years ago, and she wanted to talk to us more about God. We agreed on a time next day and Ana arrived with her sister Nina. Ana has been talking to Nina about her search for God, so Nina wanted to come as well. We set and listened to Ana’s journey and how God quite literally lead her to us. We shared the immense love that Jesus had for them both and the redemptive power of salvation in Jesus. It was amazing to watch Ana, a seeker with no real religious background herself, to try and further explain God trough her lens to Nina. God was clearly at work in the hearts of these two young ladies and right there in our living room they both surrendered their lives to Christ. It was amazing to watch the tears flow and their countenance change. Jesus truly came to live inside of them. This week they were to come back again for a visit. Ana and Nina brought two more of their friends and after explaining to them the work of the cross, Tila and Ksenija also opened their hearts and gave their lives to Jesus Christ! All 4 girls are plugging into the Upper Room Zagreb and we are starting to disciple them. Please pray that they would grow and become stable followers of Christ.


All this started when Ana found me on social media and reached out to me, but this is not a normal occurrence here. What is quit remarkable is, that this past month we have had several people who contacted us or crossed our paths, seeking our assistance in some way or another regarding their walk with God. The spiritual winds are shifting in this nation and this past month can attest to that. What an honor it is for us to share the love of Jesus with the hurting here.


Zuzanna Low