This is the cry of our heart as we see the spiritual atmosphere continue to churn in Croatia and other parts of Europe. You might have read the story of “The Visitors…” which described the salvation of four young ladies in our home. Yet what we are hearing is that the hearts of Croatians are softening to the gospel and they seem to be more open these days than ever to a personal relationship with the living God. We hear of rumors of a revival within the Catholic church in Croatia, as many are flocking to Charismatic Catholic “renewal” meetings. Croatia is 85% Catholic, and the Catholic church has had more than its strong influence in politics and the shaping of the nation. Yet God does not live in our paradigm. He transcends all obstacles. We visited with one of the Charismatic Catholic leaders and we were amazed at their fervent love and hunger for Christ. This is quite a controversial topic in evangelical circles here. Many reflect on the persecution they experienced form family and church leaders when they decided to abandon the traditional religion and found life in Jesus outside the Catholic church. Their experiences have left them skeptical and sometimes even hostile against the Catholic church. (I am intentionally not addressing here the many faulty doctrines of the church, and I will leave it to God to sort that out). The man we visited with, said something that had a profound impact on me. He said: “There is a revival going on in the Catholic church today and we (the Charismatic Catholics) are the answer to the prayers of you, the evangelicals. We didn’t pray for revival, only the evangelical church did, and God has heard your prayers!” Oh, God, shatter our walls of division!

At the Upper Room Zagreb House of Prayer, we work to keep an accurate pulse on what is happening in the spiritual atmosphere over the region, and it is undeniable to us that the pattern we see is real and it is gaining momentum. As with any revivals I suppose, there are segments of the Body of Christ who will experience it later, or in a different way, but we continue to cry out: “Unleash a fresh outpouring oh God!”

 Zuzanna Low