Our small team of 5 recently traveled to Zagreb to serve and minister alongside the IST Group led by Jerry and Zuzanna Low. The team contained a mix of experienced ministry leaders as well as 3 brand new to missions work abroad. Our hope was to do anything the ministry needed while bringing some muscle to a much needed project for the House of Prayer. We had also planned to take part in a neighborhood style party in an unreached area of Croatia called Lika in the town of Gračac.

What happened on this trip, will be etched in the memories of our team for the remainder of our lives. We were humbled by the spirit of the Christians in this country and how he is bringing people together from all around to reach Lika for Jesus. Pastors from far away towns, neighbors, and friends of the ministry all gathered in the yard of a local home. In that place, we witnessed the intangible. The power of God has made itself known, as the name of God was praised and preached that day. Every person present was part of a milestone event that we will all look back on one day not too far from now and say, “I am blessed to have been there when it all started!” God has moved on this land and its people, and while we were there to minister to others, the surprise of our time in Croatia was how we were ministered to instead.

We shared in the baptism service of 2 new believers and joined our voices to the already vibrant and soul stirring worship of many local Christians. The team erected a new wall in a local church to help create a unique space of worship for the House of Prayer. However, while we were busy putting up a wall, God was bringing another one down in each of our hearts. We are anxious to return to this great country and share more about the Jesus we know and love. They seem eager to hear, willing to follow, and ready for the truth. We were fortunate to be truth bearers in this moment and invite you to be the same. You will not soon forget the awesome power of God on full display in this part of His creation.


Phil Morgan