An intercessor friend sent the following information to us. There is a sense that some things might be happening in the heavenly realm, which will shift alliances in the Islamic world. Here is an excerpt form his email:

First some factual information:

  • Tayyip Erdogan is the President of Turkey. Inclined toward pleasing Islamic leaders.
  • The Gulen Movement: A well-organized community of people – not a political party – named after the US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen. He is regarded by followers as a spiritual leader and sometimes described as Turkey’s second most powerful man. He promotes a tolerant Islam which emphasizes unselfishness, modesty, hard work and education.
  • Both Mr Erdogan and Mr Gulen portray themselves as pious Muslims in opposition to secularism. Mr Erdogan is seen as favoring a Turkish version of political Islam, while Mr. Gulen presents himself as espousing a form of cultural rather than political Islam.

Mr. Erdogan in Turkey has imposed new radical laws in the public schools in Turkey. Evolution will not be taught, so also no Western philosophies, etc. Instead there will be taught a more radical Islam.

I guess this is a political tactic to try to counteract the policies of Mr Fetullah Gulen (how to spread Islam. He is behind hundreds of Turkish Schools / Univ. all over the world).

But spiritually this is a move behind the scenes of a tighter link between the “Prince of Persia” (or some of its close allies) and Mr Erdogan. Since ISIS is falling, their spiritual principality looks for a new habitation, and has found it.

Just after this, Erdogan takes a trip to talk with the leaders of Iran, to improve relations. This has formerly been unheard of. But Erdogan sees himself now as the Sunni leader of the world, and wants to unite with the Shiite leaders.

After having helped out the Kurds against ISIS [now Erdogan will turn against the Kurds and join with] the leaders of Iran, to oppress the Kurds. In finding a common enemy, he will try to make unity…

Well: God has been dealing with (the castle or stronghold of) Islam for some years now, after believers all over the world have been praying, fasting and prophesying Islam’s fall.

And during the “Arabic / Muslim / Islamic spring”, we saw Islam was fighting Islam. A house that is fighting itself, cannot be standing. It will fall. This is happening again.

Inside Turkey, two factions of “Islam”, the Fetullah Gulen and Erdogan, are intensifying (and preparing for) an increased onslaught on one another.

Erdogan’s fear and pride makes him blind to what is happening behind the scene. God is allowing this to happen to make visible the evil nature of Islam to more people, and to bring in a greater harvest of Turkic peoples, who have been in subjection and slavery to an Islam imposed upon them for hundreds of years.

So, I am not seeing anything “very bad” in the school reform in Turkey.

Let us stand in prayer, as BN, with God’s Love for Turkey, the Turkish people, and with / under the (delegated and corporate) authority of our Lord (in prayer for the Balkans), to bless, prophecy, speak deliverance, salvations, the working of the Will and the coming of Kingdom of our Lord (etc), these days / this time / season.

God is on the move!
Dag, in Albania

Prayer points:

  • Let us pray for Turkey and its people. As Dag says, God has been dealing with (the castle or stronghold of) Islam for some years now, after believers all over the world have been praying, fasting and prophesying Islam’s fall.
  • There is a spiritual battle waging over Turkey. Although it is good to see the enemies’ camp divided, it can cause chaos for the people. Pray for a third movement to arise lead by the armies of Heaven.
  • There are many houses of prayer secretly operating in Turkey. Pray for their protection, revelation from heaven and power in proclaiming the Lord’s victory.
  • The Seven Churches in Revelations were all in Turkey or Asia Minor. So, there is a seed in the ground of Turkey. Pray this seed will be watered and spring up again to fill the land.
  • Let us stand once again, like Daniel did, against the “Prince of Persia”. Pray he will be weakened and many in the Islamic world be set free.
  • Let us pray for the Kurds. They are an ancient people group that are without a nation. (Research their history. God has a Destiney for them)
  • Turkey is a bridge nation between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Pray that Turkey will fulfill its purpose in God’s plan of unity toward peace.