Kosovo’s struggle for progress

Government in Kosovo is planning an increase of salaries

By Elton Tota / Published: 11.2017

The minister of Finance, Bedri Hamza has announced a salary increase starting from next year, along with the social scheme.


In a news conference, the Finance minister said that the increase of salaries will start on January 1.

“The social scheme will be increased by 20% and the number of households to benefit from this is 26 thousand”, Hamza said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said that the 2018 budget is the budget of development, economic growth and higher salaries. http://www.balkaneu.com/government-in-kosovo-is-planning-an-increase-of-salaries/

Business climate in Kosovo is improving

By Elton Tota / Published: 11.2017


Doing Business 2018 report issued by the World Bank has ranked Kosovo among the ten most reforming countries in the world as far as doing business is concerned.

Kosovo ranks 40th among 190 countries of the world, as opposed to last year’s 60thposition.

Kosovo ranks 10th in terms of registering a business, 12th in terms of access to credit, 48thin terms of cross-border trade, but it does not have a good ranking in terms of protecting investors, power supply and construction permits.

The head of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gerxhaliu says that this report will act a signal for foreign investors that Kosovo is taking positive steps. But, according to him, in Kosovo, there are still barriers in doing business. http://www.balkaneu.com/business-climate-in-kosovo-is-improving/

There are two big pressures coming against Kosovo being able to stabilize. One is Serbia’s unrelenting historical claim to the land and the other is Albanian’s ethnic claims. Both of these problems are commonly known in the Balkans.

Prayer Points:

1)    Let us rejoice with Kosovo in that progress is being made in this struggling country.

2)    Kosovo has been burdened by corruption for so long, let us pray for laws to be enforced. May corruption be rooted-out so the citizens can have justice.

3)    Let us pray for the passing of laws that help the people to release a God given entrepreneur spirit. Pray that regulations of new business will be standardized and greater incentives will be put in place for foreign investments.

4)    Before the Kosovo conflict in the late 90s, there were very few evangelical churches. God has been gracious to Kosovo and now there are many churches. Pray for these new churches to represent Jesus well in a predominately muslim culture.

5)    Pray that the pastors would be encouraged. Pray they would be filled with compassion for those struggling in Kosovo. Give them leadership skills to lead their congregations into their local mission field.

Pray for Unity in theBody of Christ! This is a pervasive need throughout the Balkans.

6)    Because the country is predominately muslim, let us pray for protection for the Christians.

7)    God is moving in the muslim world in general. Pray that many muslims would come to Jesus.

8)    Politically, Serbia wants to retake Kosovo and Albania wants to bring their ethnic brothers into their domain. Without taking one side or the other, pray that God’s will be done and that hate in the region would be overcome with love.


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