Mario was busy making his famous home made pizza last night, while we all fellowshipped. It was a very pleasant evening and what a pleasure it was to listen to this couple talk about the purposes of God taking shape in their lives.

 The picture looked much different a year ago. Knowing their challenges, most would have written this couple off, but thank God for His transforming power! About a year ago Mario started attending the Upper Room Zagreb prayer sets first and later Maya did too. Sometimes their relationship was so rocky that they would attend at separate times, but they kept coming back because they experienced the presence of God so strongly and God begun a transformation in their hearts. At the UR, we are very serious about our belief that it is His presence which transformed our broken lives. There is no magical formula or person other then the very presence of God which can and will transform anyone who lets Him. Mario and Maya are a testament to this reality. Some day in the future they will write of their journey and battles, but it is such a joy to see it all unfold before our eyes and see the restoration take place. God is not only restoring their marriage, but Mario and Maya are witnessing transformation in their relationship with family also, which is another miracle. Mario and Maya tell everyone who will listen to them, that being committed to the Upper Room Zagreb played a vital roll in this process. We love these two and believe they will rock the world around them.

His presence is transforming Zagreb one person at a time.